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      Plumbing Training 
      Licensing Paid by 

      Plumbers of Savannah

       Benefit Package

          100% Pd By Company

  • Life Insurance: $25,000.00 for each employee
  • Short Term Insur.: Covers personal time injury 
  • Long Term Insur: Covers personal time injury
  • Vision Insurance: 100% paid entire family

       Other Great Benefits: 

  • Dental Insurance:  25% paid entire family
  • Top of the Line "Gold" Health Insurance:

             75% paid single employee

             50% paid for entire family coverage

  • Paid Holidays
  • 3 Weeks Paid Vacations
  • Bonuses
  • Company Truck and Gas Card (service division)
  • Retirement Plan
  • Stock Sharing Plan
  • Upward Mobility within the Company
  • Monthly Food Fests and Holiday Events

      Career Pathways

  • Licensing & Renewal Costs Carried by Company 
  • Assistance With Filing for Test Acceptance
  • Funding for School and License Testing
  • (Salary Paid While attending School) 
  • Hotel & Travel Expences Paid by Company
  • Process Support from our Master Plumbers
  • Higher Pay upon Each Level of Licensing
  • Excellent and Friendly Support Team:
  • Both in Administrative Offices and Field Services
  • Room For Advancement
  • Top-Dollar Income Potential! 

And Much, Much More! 

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​Plumbing Careers in Savannah in Pooler, Roto-Rooter Plumbers in Pooler

​Plumbing Careers in Savannah in Pooler, Roto-Rooter Plumbers in Pooler

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