Roto-Rooter History

      To help avoid confusion for our customers, we have established a special phone number. This number is easy to remember. I hope eventually our clients won't have to worry about  looking us up and getting a "copy-cat" rooter instead. They can remember 341-ROTO  /   341-7686. 

We hope this easy to remember number will helpthose who are trying to reach the original Roto-Rooter, the one that has been operated by our local family for the past 34 years. Remember, if it doesn't have the   "Roto" , it isn't the original. 

Service Areas for Roto-Rooter Plumbers of Savannah

Chatham, Bryan, Liberty and Effingham Counties, including, Rincon, Richmond Hill,

Pooler, Tybee, Port Wentworth, Savannah, Thunderbolt, Garden City, Thunderbolt,

Pembroke, Skidaway Island, Dutch Island, Isle of Hope, Wilmington Island, and more.

75 Years of Doing it Right

When Sam Blanc started the Roto-Rooter company in 1935, he could not have known how large the company would become 75 years later.

For a company to make it 75 years, they have to be doing something well. We must be because we went from one man and his unique machine to thousands of service technicians from coast-to-coast plus international franchises in 75 years. And Roto-Rooter has become the largest provider of plumbing repair and drain cleaning services in the U.S. and Canada. Possibly even the largest business of its kind in the world. And we do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And since dozens of look-alike and sound-alike companies have tried to copy our formula for success, we must be doing something right. There's Mr. Rooter, Rescue Rooter, Ready Rooter, Rooter Man...all of which do their best to look like Roto-Rooter, the ORIGINAL rooter company. Many of the copycats have come and gone but Roto-Rooter has endured because of its experience, good customer service and value.


IN THE BEGINNING: When a clogged sewer at his son's home in Des Moines, Iowa, took hours to clear, Samuel Blanc set out to find a faster, easier solution. Six years later, in 1933 Blanc created a funny looking sewer-cleaning machine from a 1/6 HP Maytag washing machine motor. Roller skate wheels and a 3/8" cable to turn the blades. The devise used a combination of special blades or "knives" to cut tree roots out of sewer lines. No digging was required. A year later, Sam's wife, Littie, christened the prototype, the "Roto-Rooter®".

In the depression-scarred mid-30s, those desperate for jobs jumped at the chance to buy their own "Roto-Rooter®" machine from Blanc for $250. Under license agreements, they took the invention back to their hometowns and started Roto-Rooter® businesses. Soon the invention made its way to the upper Midwest, the Great Plains and the Northeast. Then it started moving out West. With ads in "Life" magazine, many GIs returning home from World War 2 purchased a machine and agreement from the new Roto-Rooter® Corporation and started their own businesses.

One of the original company cars

Roto-Rooter® was the only company to actually guarantee that sewer lines would get cleaned of all roots and obstructions without having to dig up the lawn. The motto, "Roto-Rooter®'s patented cutting blades slice through roots and cut them away...Razor- Kleen®!" was emblazoned on service vehicles across the nation.

The 1950s saw the creation of two milestones-still being used today; a new drain pipe trade mark that featured a circular drainpipe half-filled with water and a musical jingle with the words "Roto-Rooter®, that's the name, and away go troubles down the drain®."

In the 60s many operators were the first in this industry to provide service around-the-clock and the first to offer a written guarantee for their service. Also, from the 50s forward, every home in America started to own a new invention, the TV. Roto-Rooter® went into an extensive national advertising plan with its owners. This, with the jingle, helped to make Roto-Rooter® the household name it is today.

In the 80s plumbing repair also became a major area of emphasis for most owners. This was just a natural extension of Roto-Rooter®'s core drain-cleaning business.


Today, most Roto-Rooter® owners offer a variety and ever-expanding list of services to both homeowners and businesses. Roto-Rooter® today provides drain-cleaning service to 90% of our nation and plumbing to 80%.


Our goal is always to stay the nation's #1 provider of sewer, drain and plumbing services to both residential and commercial accounts. As always, we'll continue to listen to our customers and to extend our service offerings to meet and exceed their changing expectations.

From the Owner of Roto-Rooter Plumbers of Savannah:     

     Our local Franchise has been owned and operated for the past 34 years by myself, my family and long time loyal employees. Having spent our whole lives living in Savannah while caring for our customers and employees, we still feel the influence of the original inventor of the Roto-Rooter method of drain cleaning. Sam Blanc "found a way" to save his customers lots of inconvenience and money. By serving his customers, he revolutionized an entire industry. An industry that allows us to live a lifestyle so removed from the Dark Ages that we rarely think about it. Remove "plumbing" from our civilization and we become 'the Dark Ages' again.... uncivilized, living in filth and disease. 

     Remembering this, we at Roto-Rooter Savannah, take what we do very seriously. It must be done right. It must be done better. It must be done with the least amount of trouble to the customer. It must be done for the lowest cost possible while maintaining a high level of quality.  It must be done to code..............


     Each service call request is followed up by a customer service representative 2 days later to evaluate the customer's experience, to measure our performance and to learn where we need to improve as well as what more we can offer to our customers to improve their experience. Our complex, industry specific software keeps detailed records of the plumbing layout and condition at each address as well as recording the customer's experiences for the past 34 years. We have an amazing compilation of plumbing data that is kept with great attention for the benefit of Savannah and all our service areas.  Our service areas i  nclude: Rincon Georgia, Pooler Georgia, Hinesville, Georgia, Richmond Hill Georgia, Fort Stewart Georgia, Tybee Georgia, And more. We serve Bryan, Chatham, Liberty and Effingham Counties.

      Our local business here is steeped in history and tradition. From the importance of historical records at properties, to the emphasis on being the company whom everyone depends on to get it right when others cannot solve the problem. Until recently, we were the ONLY 'rooter'  company in our area. We had to get the problems solved and were the only company to help our area. Now everyone represents themselves as "rooter" plumbers, BUT, we are STILL THE Company everyone calls when they get stuck and can't figure it out. We haven't forgotten our roots. Our knowledge and skills run back through our 34 years of operation while also absorbing that 75 year history of experience from the Roto-Rooter family. We still take on the tough jobs and make them seem easy. And now with so many companies copying our look and name we feel the need to protect our customers from unlicensed or  inexperienced companies that advertise themselves as long term rooter plumbing companies, but actually have only a few years experience in our field.

      Our name is Roto-Rooter and our reputation is important to us. There is name confusion out there...intentionally done by our competitors? Our customers need to make sure they are reaching the REAL ROTO-ROOTER before they schedule service.  We worry that our name and reputation are being affected by business name and brand confusion.  Call 912-341-ROTO-7686

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